Fearless Flight is a project that was launched to help people deal with and overcome their fear of flying.  Many people suffer from this anxiety and everyone has at least a few friends and family included on that list.  When you stop to think about it this really restricts their freedom; many people miss job interviews, family reunions, weddings and travel opportunities because of their fear.  By developing this app we are empowering people to take on their fear providing them with a new sense of freedom and peace of mind helping people to open up the world of travel to them.


The app was developed by a large team of volunteer people coming together as a community to help deal with the issue of flight anxiety.  The group includes subject matter experts, software developer, pilots, psychologists, voice actors, audio experts, artists and animators.  A big thanks to everyone who contributed their time and energy into this community project!



Callon Campbell – Pilot & Chief Software Developer

Derek Carkner – Voice Actor – Editor

Hooman Ebrahimi – Pilot – Founder

Steve Hawkins – Software Developer


Adam Bourque – Pilot – Content

Julie Beverstein – Pilot – Content

Matt Brennan  – Pilot – Content & Audio

Allyson Brown – Pilot – Content

Ryan Doyle – Pilot – Content

Doug Garrigan – Software Developer

Brent Giles – Pilot – Content

John Gronlund – Pilot – Content

Mark Joseph – Pilot – Content

Zak Landry – Artist

David Martins – Pilot – Content

Joanna Mitsopulos – Psychologist – Content

Ron Nielsen – Pilot & Field Expert – www.fearlessflight.com (Click to check out)

Nick Ramkay – Software Developer

Shirley Russ – Psychologist – Content

Haro Salation – Pilot – Content

Oliver Setka – Pilot – Project Management

Martin Smith – Pilot & Psychologist – Content

Kate Speer – Pilot – Content



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