pexels-photo-130656.jpegApp Feature One – Instant Audio Relief

The app helps you identify common symptoms of racing heart, nausea, sweaty palms dizziness, headache, dry mouth clenching of teeth, tense muscles, unable to speak properly, cold hands and feet, and provides you with a guided listening exercise that provides instant relief.

App Feature Two – Get ready, no surprise ahead

A comprehensive lesson or  “Ground School” let’s you build your aviation knowledge base increasing your confidence prior to departure.

App Feature Three – Bring confidence and fun to your experience (Coming Soon)

Fun quizzes test your skills and transform your view of flying.

App Feature Four – Flight Simulation (Coming Soon)

The Test Flight feature allows you to practice the techniques as you learn them, allowing you to master them before you go up in the air!

App Feature Five – How it works (Coming Soon)

Our Fearless Flight avatar will guide you through an overview of the app showing you how it works.

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